A+ for Big Ben

A+ for Big Ben book cover

Pajama Press
Board Book Edition | 24 Pages
ISBN: 978-1927485767

His sister is a big kid in grade five. His brother is a big kid in grade three. Ben is a little kid in preschool. He can’t swim; he can’t use chopsticks; he can’t even see out of the car window. If only he could bring home a real report card like the older kids do, then Ben would be happy. But there are no report cards in preschool. Sometimes older siblings remember what it was like to be little, however, and Ben’s brother and sister are about to present Ben with his very own report card, grading him on all the activities that little brothers do best. Award-winning author and illustrator Sarah Ellis and Kim La Fave team up to produce a book that is a triumph for little siblings everywhere. The engaging text, lively illustrations, and board book format are perfect for eager readers with little hands, big hearts, and bigger dreams.

What do folks think of Ben’s return?

This book will be a favourite with any child who wants to be 'like the big guys.'
-Winnipeg Free Press

This story is a good reminder for older siblings and parents that it often does not take much investment to impact or change the course of a child’s day.

-CM Magazine, “highly recommended”

This delightful short book perfectly encapsulates the trials and tribulations of being the baby of the family, all the while showing the special regard held toward him by the rest of the family.

-Resource Links