Using a scrapbook and examples from my own books I discuss how a book comes to be, from its origins as a scrap of an idea in my head to its final resting place in the reader’s mind. This discussion includes my sources for ideas, writing method, self-editing, working with my editor, the role of the publisher, book promotion, the business end of writing, how books are made, being reviewed, book illustration and design.

I can present this information in a linear way or I can cover the same ground in response to student questions. Most presentations end up being a combination of the two approaches. If there is time and interest I can also discuss other kinds of writing such as book reviewing, essay writing, keeping a journal, letter writing and script writing.

My presentation contains a lot of information but my goal is simple: to convey to the students the pleasures of writing and reading and to encourage them in their own imaginative lives.

Length of presentation: 50 -60 minutes. This 60 minute slot cannot be broken down into two different half hour groups.

Group size: 60 students maximum.

Grade levels: grades 4 – 7.
(But I’ll tuck in a 10 minute reading from the picture books for the primaries if it can be scheduled.)

Equipment: All I need is a small table and a glass of water.
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