I doodle. I admit it. I like the feeling of making one line or squiggle and seeing where it takes me, with no plan in mind. My personal rule for doodling is no erasing which means if I make a “mistake” (well, there aren’t really any mistakes in doodling) I have to go with it. Doodling gets me in the mood for writing. Sometimes I doodle in pencil but at the moment I seem to be hooked on fine black felt-tips. Here are a couple of recent doodles:

stones_doodles“Stones” started out with an experiment trying to link up all the numbers. I started with 3 and then I didn’t like it so I blacked it out and just started drawing ovals. I filled some of the ovals with tiny ovals. Then it started to look like a mosaic. I was in Spain at the time and I had been looking at a lot of tile mosaics in buildings by this amazing architect called Gaudi. Then I started to think how the word “stone” sounds just like a smooth river stone, a smooth and round sound. How different from “rock” which has rough edges. So I put a word on my doodle, which I don’t usually.
doodles2Happy dot-girl started as I tried to draw my glasses. I started random dotting around them and then she appeared, goofy see-through dot-girl.
dimensionsThis one sums up my feelings about math which is that it is lovely and bit fuzzy. I tried to include all four dimensions.
smilesThis is to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the invention of the smiley face.
fractured_fieldsThis is inspired by the view from an airplane. I prefer the window seat.

curtainsIsn’t it funny the way the complete WORKS of Shakespeare are mostly PLAYS?

If you’re a fellow doodler send me your doodles. And if they come with a little story, so much the better. Doodlers unite!