A Prairie as Wide as the Sea

Scholastic Canada
Hardcover | 208 Pages
ISBN: 978-0439988339
Reading age from 9 to 12

May 19, 1926. Somewhere between Maple Creek and Milorie I am fit to burst. We are nearly there but it is taking forever. At Regina we switched trains to the mixed train. It stops every eight miles at a town. Things get unloaded and loaded up and people stand on the platform and talk and talk and talk. This distance looks so little on the map but it is taking YEARS.

Still May 19. We made it. I used to be:

Ivy Doris Weatherall
107 Halley Road, Forest Gate
London, England
Europe, The World

and now I’m:

Ivy Doris Weatherall
Sec 1-6-26-W3rd, Uncle Alf’s sod house
Five Miles from Milorie, Saskatchewan, Canada
North America, The World

The only thing the same is me and the world.

Where did this book come from?
In A Prairie as Wide as the Sea, part of the “Dear Canada” series, I used many of the stories of my father and mother to recreate the life of an immigrant girl in 1926. I had a great time writing this book, finding out about the past, gathering stories and trying my hand with the diary form for the first time.

Ivy is entirely refreshing with her grand language, strong opinions and guileless confessions. The often uproarious family dynamics come across with characteristic Ellis humour and fun.

-Toronto Star

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