Ben Over Night

Ben longs to stay overnight at the home of his best friend Peter. In the daytime an overnight seems like such a good idea, but come the middle of the night, when Ben wakes up in a strange bed it is all too too much. How can Ben solve his problem? It takes an idea from his smart older sister Robin to give Ben what he needs to be a successful overnighter.

Where did this book come from?
Poor Ben gets stuck with all my problems. For a person who travels a lot I suffer from serious homesickness. It’s not loneliness. It’s not fear. It’s the feeling that I don’t know who I am when I am not at home. I’m very relieved that Ben found his own solution to this dilemma.

What do readers think?

Every word contributes to the great, triumphant truth of the story: a powerful imagination can carry us through the most difficult trials of growth.
-The Toronto Star

While the book has obvious potential as a tool for helping little ones overcome their fears of sleeping in strange places, it would work just as effectively as a bedtime story for the ranks of fearless sleepover-nighters.

-The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

If you're buying just one book this spring for someone, say, four or five or six, buy this one.

-The Georgia Straight