Ben and the Scaredy Dog

Ben and the Scaredy Dog Cover

Pajama Press
Picture Book | 32 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-77278-044-4
Reading age from 3 to 7

Ben is excited to meet Erv, the new kid across the street, but he is nervous about her dog, Max. Can Ben overcome his fear of dogs and make two new friends?

Where did this book come from?
in the final illustration of Ben Says Goodbye we see the new kid who has moved in across the street from Ben. She is not mentioned in the text and it was illustrator Kim LaFave’s brilliant idea to give us a glimpse of her. We see her in a darkened room and we only see her from behind but I became intrigued by her. I knew that she and Ben would become friends but I also knew there would be a problem. What would that problem be? As usual with the Ben stories I decided to lend Ben one of my anxieties. Nobody is more surprised than me to find that I’ve written a book about a dog!

What do readers think?

Another successful outing in a winning series.

The precisely worded text uses dialogue well while revealing Ben’s thoughts through the concise narration. The artwork expresses Ben’s emotions with finesse and captures the story’s gentle humor. A fine read-aloud choice, this Canadian picture book will have broad appeal for young children.


Every child has a fear, but how they learn to cope and deal with it is the important thing. Ben and the Scaredy-Dog will contribute greatly to story times in the library, classroom or at home. Highly Recommended.

-CM Magazine

Readers of all ages will enjoy this relatable and fresh story constructed in short, effective prose.La Fave’s colourful yet airy illustrations depict diverse characters and allow for the readers’ own experiences and imagination to fill in the setting. A fun read!

-Resource Links

My 6 year old absolutely loves your book and I want to thank you so very much for writing and publishing a book that has a place in my child's heart.
Zack’s Mom