Groundwood Books
Paperback | 176 Pages
ISBN: 0888994400

Taking inspiration from beloved children’s books, and from lives of the authors who wrote them, Sarah Ellis provides suggestions that will help parents, workshop leaders and teachers awaken the imagination of children and start them writing stories. Includes activities that are both fun and original, such as drawing your own island and imagining the adventure that might take place there or learning some basic Klingon and then making up your own secret language.

Where did this book come from?
When I finished The Young Writers’ Companion I had lots of good stories and ideas left over so I put them in a book for adults.

Chapter Titles:

Islands of the Mind: Robert Louis Stevenson

Kin Stories: Jean Little

Fairies in Our Midst: P.L. Travers

Clip and Write: Monica Hughes

Summers on the Lake: Arthur Ransome

Bird-Man of the Arctic: Michael Kusugak

E.S.L. Elvish as a Second Language: J.R.R. Tolkien

Write While You Sleep: Susan Cooper

Yours Affectionately: Beatrix Potter

Digging Up Stories: Paul Yee

A Bag of Tricks: Lewis Carroll

Book Breeding: Kit Pearson

Piano Four Hands: C.S. Lewis

A Picture and a Thousand Words: Virginia Hamilton

A Tale of Two Journals: Louisa May Alcott and L.M. Montgomery On the Outside Looking In: Katherine Paterson

Ellis takes us behind the scenes where we catch writers in the act of creation.
-City Parent