Girl’s Own

Puffin Canada
Paperback | 360 Pages
ISBN: 0141309938
Reading age from 9 to 12

Welcome to Girls’ Own, Girl Zone. The girls between these two covers are of every sort. They are shy and bold; obedient and rebellious; clever and slow; subdued and boisterous; fierce and gentle; funny and serious. Each of them is in the process of grasping her future with both hands.

What writers are included in the anthology?
Julie Johnston, Joan Bodger, Jean Little, Deborah Ellis, Tim Wynne-Jones, Cora Taylor, Kit Pearson, Joan Clark, Joy Kogawa, Deirdre Baker, Thomas King, Mitzi Dale, Linda Holeman, Jan Andrews, Lillian Boraks-Nemetz, Teresa Toten, Jan Hudson, Bill Richardson, Paul Yee, and I put myself in as well.

How did this collection come to be?
When Penguin Books asked me to edit an anthology of Canadian stories about girls I was tickled. An excuse to read, read, read. I included old favourites and I encountered great new stuff as well. For the other half of the story check out Boys Own, edited by Tim Wynne-Jones.

What do people think of this book?

This is a collection of stories that will help girls feel happy about their own individuality and show them the importance of accepting themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. The story selection is impeccable and the variety endless.
-The Hamilton Spectator