Next Stop

Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Paperback | 32 Pages
ISBN: 1550418092

On Saturday, Claire rides the bus and sits right up front so she can help the driver. She announces the various stops on the route so everyone can get to their destinations. Before long, a very special passenger joins Claire and the driver for the final leg of the happy bus ride home.

Where did this book come from?
One day I was on the bus and I saw a girl of about six, all by herself. What’s the story? I wondered. I got off the bus before I found out the story so I had to make it up.

What do readers think?

The simplicity of the vocabulary is an asset for children just beginning to read.
-Quill and Quire

Ellis stays true to a small child’s viewpoint.


In the business of writing books for small people, simple definitely does not mean easy. It takes a particular savvy. Ellis still possesses that child’s sense of wonder and a fascination for the apparently simple joys of life.

-The National Post

Illustrated by Ruth Ohi.