The Baby Project

Groundwood Books
Paperback | 144 Pages
ISBN: 0888999186
Reading age from 8 to 12

Diapers on the mantel, womb-sound tapes in the tape-deck, midnight baby-soothing folk-dances, and even lullabies made up from motorcycle maintenance magazines — eleven-year-old Jessica and her family weren’t really prepared for the difference baby Lucie would made in their lives.

Where did this book come from?
I started this book, my first, with three little ideas — the idea of having a best friend who is opposite from you, the idea of a school project and the idea of an older brother who becomes a teenager and changes (for the worse!).

Here’s what some people think about The Baby Project

This book is one of the most appealing and moving family stories to come along in ages.
-Horn Book (a starred review)

A powerful exploration of a warm, secure family, each humorous, believable portrait drawn beguilingly off center.

-Kirkus (a pointer review)

A deeply moving, sometimes funny, often wrenching, truthful story (in which) the courage of the human spirit excels in the adroit telling.

-Booklist (a starred review)

The Baby Project won the Sheila A. Egoff Award, was on the Hornbook Fanfare List, and has been translated into French, Spanish and Japanese.

*known as A Family Project in the U.S.