Waiting for Sophie

Waiting for Sophie cover

Pajama Press
Hardcover | 48 Pages
ISBN: 1772780200
Reading age from 5 to 8

It’s hard to be patient while your baby sister is being born.  It’s even harder to sait for her to grow up into a real playmate.  Luckily Liam has Nana-Downstairs to help him with wisdom, humor, and contruction advice for a very special machine.

Where did this book come from?
I’ve always been intrigued by the way time moves, so slowly when you’re waiting for your birthday or the bell or for adults to finish their conversations; so quickly when you’re in the middle of a good book or after the middle of August when school is around the corner but you haven’t done all the summer things you planned.  What if you could control the pace of time?  What if you could get older faster?  I figured you would need a time machine.  Once I had this idea, then I needed something for Liam to wait for. A baby sister!  Of course.

What do readers think?

Waiting for Sophie is a great older sibling book for younger school-age kids. Sarah Ellis not only captures the excitement of waiting for a new baby brother or sister, but also gives voice to the little frustrations kids can experience when dealing with a new baby in the house, and the desire to have a playmate their age.
-Mom Read It

Sarah Ellis tells another timeless story with beautifully chosen text and Carmen Mok matches the tone of the story perfectly with gentle images and soft colors.

-Sal’s Fiction Addiction

A down-to-earth, sweet but never mushy story.


A gentle story which will definitely appeal to young readers with siblings, as well as the adults who care for them!

-Resource Links

I liked the part where Liam says, “Stinky pot pie, stinky pot pie. Drink a pot of coffee. Or I’ll poke you in the eye.”

-Sarah’s second cousin once removed